View Full Version : Slide until certain part of the screen

5 Feb 2011, 4:03 AM
Is it possible to stop an animation on a certain part of the screen?
I have a modal window that I'm animating with a slide (direction up) but it slides all the way to the top of te screen. Is there a way to make it stop at a specific point? E.g. halfway?

5 Feb 2011, 8:03 AM
Just to add, I already tried the following:

myObject.show({type: 'slide',
direction: 'up',
duration: 400,
from: {
'-webkit-transform': 'translate3d(0px, 1024px, 0)',
'z-index': 0,
'opacity': 0.99
to: {
'-webkit-transform': 'translate3d(0px, 512px, 0)',
'z-index': 1,
'opacity': 1

but to no avail, the animation keeps performing the standard sencha slide animation