View Full Version : "null\dir" and The system cannot find the path specified error

7 Feb 2011, 7:18 AM

I'm getting some pretty strange error from JS Builder:

Loading the 'Test' Project
Loaded 1 Packages
java.io.FileNotFoundException: null\JScripts\Ux\CheckColumn.js (The system cannot find the path specified)

when I'm packing the Test.js

My steps:
From the directory, where JScripts dir resides, I'm executing the next:
java -jar "libs\ext\builder\JSBuilder2.jar" --projectFile "JScripts.jsb2" --homeDir "." > jscripts.log
Content of the JScripts.jsb2:

"projectName": "Test",
"deployDir": "jscripts",
"licenseText": "Copyright(c) 2006-2010",
"pkgs": [{
"name": "Test",
"file": "Test.js",
"isDebug": false,
"fileIncludes": [
"text": "CheckColumn.js",
"path": "/JScripts/Ux/"
"resources": [
"src": "./",
"dest": "./",
"filters": ".*"
"src": "JScripts/",
"dest": "JScripts/",
"filters": ".*"
"src": "JScripts.jsb2",
"dest": "JScripts.jsb2",
"filters": ".*"

And when I'm using ProcMon -- I can see that file
being accessed.

So the question is -- what IS that "null" directory. And how to get rid of it.

Best regard...