View Full Version : is this a bug? Ext.Map doesn't render correctly after initial run.

8 Feb 2011, 7:36 AM
I have a DetailView that is layed out as a 'vbox' with two panels, one for text and one for a Map. When my app launches I'm presented a list and choosing an item in the list open up the split view and the Map is marked with an icon at the correct coordinates and all is good. Clicking the 'Back' button takes us back to the List view again, and again I choose an item from the list. This time about 60% of the map gets rendered from the top down. The bottom 40ish% percent is left gray.

Also, the marker tends not to show up after the first time. Dragging the map up and down causes it to come in and out of view.

Is this a bug or am I screwing this thing up?