View Full Version : How to get a nice border around a panel

15 Feb 2011, 6:22 PM
I was noticing the nice border around the extjs api page.

I.E. the border between the tree panel and the tab panel, and the border on the bottom of both panels.

Is this all done my margins or style, or a combination? I cannot seem to get the same effect on my panels.


16 Feb 2011, 2:35 AM
I'm not 100% certain that I get what you mean, but... the border between the tree panel and the main panel is just a splitter (created when the viewport is setup); the left and bottom spaces are created by specifying values for the margins (http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/dev/docs/?class=Ext.Panel) config param.

Take a look at the source code for the API docs: [extjs331 folder]\examples\docs\resources\docs.js

You'll see in ApiPanel (the tree panel) margins: '0 0 5 5' - (top, right, bottom = 5, left = 5)

In MainPanel: margins: '0 5 5 0' - (top, right = 5, bottom = 5, left)