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16 Feb 2011, 4:34 AM

I would like to dynamically update a panel's tpl to integrate a youtube video.

The problem is, when i call the update function with the html containing the iframe, I am automatically redirected to the src of that same frame. (same problem with Vimeo).
That is true for an iframe solution (html5). When i first tried to embed with the "object" tag, it worked, but the video always stays on top of everything and it has a fixed position on the screen. Even if including in a scroller container, everytihng moves whereas the video.

Thank's in advance.

18 Feb 2011, 5:44 AM
If you're using iOS, you should just be using youTube's HTML5 video resources.

18 Feb 2011, 6:13 AM
I've already tried to implement an iframe solution.
Injecting an iframe by updating the tpl redirects me to the source of the iframe.

18 Feb 2011, 6:15 AM
OK, so you've used the advice here: http://apiblog.youtube.com/2010/07/new-way-to-embed-youtube-videos.html ?

18 Feb 2011, 6:18 AM
Indeed. The vimeo iframe redirects me the same way.