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17 Feb 2011, 2:08 AM
Browse the border layout example, now collapse the south eastern panel. Now click on the title bar of the collapsed panel, you'll see a sliding out panel with wrong width, second time it's even smaller.


17 Feb 2011, 4:29 AM
confirmed with chrome.

also, if you click the title of the collapsed panel und move the mouse away (onMouseOut), the panel does not collapse again.

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17 Feb 2011, 5:17 AM

Collapse the "Splitted above me" panel. Click on the title of the collapsed panel to see the slide-out. Then collapse the "South" panel.

You'll see "Splitted above me" panel appearing.

17 Feb 2011, 5:49 PM
Thanks for that report. The code that was in to fix the longstanding height equalization bug (change the height of the layout while a region is collapsed, and the floated out region then has the wrong height) was buggy.

It was not detecting the current height in order to compare it with where the underlying box layout calculated that the Component would be. And even after getting that, it can't now only set the new height on the Component because that would trigger autoWidthing of the Component which is what you were seeing: No content = narrow Panel.

So before sliding the region in, I have to set its size in both dimensions (even though I'm only changing one)

It's complex stuff.

@renku, I think you are describing designed behaviour. That's the float-in view. It's what Tobias was talking about with the south east region.

18 Feb 2011, 3:36 AM
would it help to change something like visibleHeight/visibleWidth without resizing the container really? At the moment you slide in you just could set dimensions from these values.

18 Feb 2011, 4:53 AM
@renku, I think you are describing designed behaviour. That's the float-in view.

I find it hard to believe that it's by design that collapsing panel A brings out the float-in of panel B (and it's a float-in that doesn't hide automatically). Did you try out the steps I described?

I also tested it with Ext3 - that "feature" didn't exist over there.

I'm pretty sure it's a bug.

18 Feb 2011, 8:40 AM
That's the collapsed Panel you see floating out. You clicked on its collapsed "placeholder" header to get a preview of it.

You collapse "Splitter above me", and it collapses down to show its placeholder header. Click on that placeholder header, and the full Panel, including its real header float in.

@steffen, that's what I do. Just before I slide the floated region in, I synchronize its dimensions with what they should be.

18 Feb 2011, 8:54 AM
Sorry, maybe I was using the wrong terms.

Do you now agree it's a bug?

18 Feb 2011, 10:18 AM
I do not see a bug. You click on the collapsed placeholder header of "Splitter above me" and the "Splitter above me" Panel floats in.

18 Feb 2011, 10:21 AM
Yes, I see the bug.

It's a bug I already fixed. The code must have been mislaid by Git.