View Full Version : Retrive a HTML data from a field on a table and load into a tpl of an Panel

17 Feb 2011, 6:24 AM
Hi, I'm newbie and have been trying to load a content HTML that are into a field of an Table into a Panel tpl.

To become more easy to understand what I've with problems, that's the webapp that I'm developing http://www.gcn.net.br/ipad/ .

So I've a database in Mysql with a table with news, that have a field called htmlText, which have a HTML content inserted by a WYSIWYG editor. So when the user click on the "ultimas noticias" and click above any news, it'll load the full content of the news (the htmlText field).

The matter are, when I load from a page in php that results in a JSON data, then it showed a error.( uncaught syntax error: unexpected token ). I've think are the result of a json of the field texto.

Someone has any idea?