View Full Version : Applications - how many?

21 Feb 2011, 5:45 AM

I have a question about applications, specifically, how many are you expected to have?
Does regApplication just create you a namespace, and the children, or does it do something else more specific?

Will try and illustrate my thoughts on the structure of a large application, and see if this aligns with how others see it working.

Obviously, for a very large app, putting everything under the main applications MVC(S) folders could get a bit cumbersome. I'm thinking that I'd like to end up with something like:


Is this how others see it being structured?

I'm guessing the MainApp.js sets up the controllers for itself (using Ext.Router in its launch), with Area1App.js doing the same at that level.
Hmm, although when will the other app's launch method get called?

Also wondering whether each 'app' needs an analogue of bootstrap.js, so only need to script include a single file; the application js file.

Would welcome some thoughts on splitting up a large application using the new application structure.