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23 Feb 2011, 2:26 PM
Ext version tested:
Ext 3.3 rev 1

Adapter used:

css used:
only default ext-all.css

Browser versions tested against:
FF 3.6.13

Operating System:
WinXP Pro

If a progress bar is rendered inside of a hidden form fieldset, the height of the progress element is wrong when the fieldset is shown.

Test Case:
var w = new Ext.ux.portal.Window({
items: [
new Ext.form.FormPanel({
items: [
new Ext.Button({
text: 'Show Progress'
,handler: function(){
,new Ext.form.FieldSet({
id: 'fs1'
,title: 'Fieldset Visible'
new Ext.ProgressBar({ text: 'progress...', value: .5 })
,new Ext.form.FieldSet({
id: 'fs2'
,title: 'Fieldset Hidden'
,hidden: true
new Ext.ProgressBar({ text: 'progress...', value: .5 })
,height: 300
,width: 300

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Run the code.
Click the Show Progress button.
The 2nd progress bar is displayed.

The result that was expected:
Two progress bars should be displayed with the same text and value.

The result that occurs instead:
The second progress bar is missing the value meter.

Screenshot or Video:

Debugging already done:

Possible fix:
not provided