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24 Feb 2011, 12:52 PM
We're trying to integrate the Ext4 CSS into the existing SASS/COMPASS code for our project by modifying the ruby config with the lines to register the Ext4 framework as seen in the "resources/themes/compass_init.rb" config. For example, here is our config:

# Require any additional compass plugins here.
# Set this to the root of your project when deployed:
http_path = "/static/"
css_dir = "css"
sass_dir = "sass"
images_dir = "img"
javascripts_dir = "js"
# To enable relative paths to assets via compass helper functions. Uncomment:
# relative_assets = true

# Add SASS from ExtJS
dir = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'ext4', 'resources', 'themes')
require File.join(dir, 'lib', 'theme_images.rb')
require File.join(dir, 'lib', 'utils.rb')
Compass::Frameworks.register 'ext4', dir

Then, in our _base.scss we try to @import "compass" and 'ext4/default/all'. However, we are presented with the following error when the scss is compiled:

Syntax error: Invalid CSS after "@function min(": expected ")", was "$value1, $value..."
on line 1 of [redacted]/static/ext4/resources/themes/stylesheets/ext4/default/./_functions.scss
from line 6 of [redacted]/static/ext4/resources/themes/stylesheets/ext4/default/_all.scss
from line 7 of [redacted]/static/sass/partials/_base.scss
from line 6 of [redacted]/static/sass/screen.scss

I am particularly confused because I can't find information about the "@function" directive in the SASS reference, so I don't know where that comes from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike

Jamie Avins
24 Feb 2011, 9:57 PM
You will be required to use the very latest builds of compass and it's plugins.

This thread should give you the information you need: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?124662-SASS-compass-working-the-developer-preview