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25 Feb 2011, 1:56 AM
Combos to input Chinese characters, when I enter the Chinese phonetic alphabet will appear it is not complete . for example, the code in combos.js


Ext.onReady(function() {

// Define the model for a State
Ext.regModel('State', {
fields: [
{type: 'string', name: 'abbr'},
{type: 'string', name: 'name'},
{type: 'string', name: 'slogan'}

// The data for all states

//Here is my data
var states = [
{"abbr":"LQ","name":"??","slogan":"The Heart of Dixie"},
{"abbr":"ZQ","name":"??","slogan":"The Land of the Midnight Sun"},
{"abbr":"LG","name":"??","slogan":"Like No Place on Earth"},
{"abbr":"ZS","name":"??","slogan":"Like No Place on Earth"},
{"abbr":"LS","name":"??","slogan":"Like No Place on Earth"},
{"abbr":"WW","name":"??","slogan":"Like No Place on Earth"},
{"abbr":"ZL","name":"??","slogan":"Like No Place on Earth"}

// The data store holding the states; shared by each of the ComboBox examples below
var store = new Ext.data.Store({
model: 'State',
data: states
Then I put the "zhang"?This is pinyin of ”?“ in Chinese input method?,the IE browser very slow and will be missing two letters “zh“?

26 Feb 2011, 5:39 AM
The second input of Chinese characters in front of the first input letter. for example ?I want input “??”?The Textfiled shows “??”?