View Full Version : Fixed !! NotesDXLExporter agent, action bar and remote databases

7 Sep 2007, 6:33 AM
Somehow the dbPath variable is not getting passed to this agent or is not calling this agent from the correct database. Anyone have a work around?

Notice the path in the first call in the screenshot below, that view is not in that database.

showPL : function(){
ws = new Ext.nd.UIWorkspace();
dbPath : "/applications/hr/orgchart.nsf/",
viewName : "By EMPID4",
title : 'Pick The EMPID',
prompt: '',
column : '2',
callback : this.handleMyPickList,
viewOptions : {dbPath : "/applications/hr/orgchart.nsf/",
showSearch : false,
count : 200, showActionbar: true,
toolbar : false}

10 Sep 2007, 4:57 AM
if you put

db : this.dbPath

in the properties under the uiview when creating the action bar,

it ill work