View Full Version : Keeping the model and the view in synch (TreeStore & TreeGrid)

3 Mar 2011, 8:53 AM
Hi all,

I'm a newbie to GWT/GXT and unfortunately I've been thrown into deep water straight away.

The description of the problem is the following:

I'm loading TreeStore from an RPC call which looks like

store.add(ModelData model, boolean addChildren);

and this populates the associated TreeGrid with rows representing the elements of the model.

Later I remove a row from the store by calling

store.remove(ModelData model);

and the selected row according with my expectations disappears from the view

now I try to get the whole model by calling store.getRootItems() to synchronize it with the persistent store, and I'm expecting the deleted row NOT to be there, but it still is present.

Is anybody able to tell me what I'm doing wrong, or suggest some other solution to that problem?

Thanx in advance for your help