View Full Version : How to restore grid to take effect of filter

Monika Sachdev
3 Mar 2011, 9:51 PM
i m new to EXT GWT and i have saved filter data in my database and now i want to restore grid according to saved filters.I have String ,numeric and date filters.I have a combo box and set combo box store to saved filters. my requirement is when user select any saved filter from combo, i've to apply that filter to grid. Please help me.
Suppose i've a column Department in Grid and user select filters from grid as department=marketing then i've saved filter meta data as Department:marketing(filter column data index with filter column value) in my database table and name this to Dept Filter. Now what i need is i have a combo box which shows the saved filter Dept Filter and when user select this form combo box i've to apply same filter to grid (means grid will be show only data having marketing in department column).What should i do.