View Full Version : datepicker in datefield & combobox arrow alignment

11 Mar 2011, 1:42 AM
Affected browsers: IE & Chrome. FF is OK.

The problem concerns the alignment of the datepicker and the combobox arrow. Those are improperly displayed on left side of the outer components.

It turns out that under affected browser, these elements are missing following css style that is present under FF:

.ext-safari .x-form-field-wrap .x-form-trigger, .ext-gecko .x-form-field-wrap .x-form-trigger {
right: 0;

Is this should be considered a bug? Or I'm missing something?

11 Mar 2011, 2:40 AM
Which gxt version are you using?
Are you sure you updated the gxt css resources as well, and not only the gxt jar file?

11 Mar 2011, 3:05 AM
That might be the right guess. I will give it a try, thx.