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12 Mar 2011, 3:18 AM
Hi, before creating this thread i did a search and found two threads (at the bottom of this post for references) related about this topic but they are too older...

This post has to purpose:

1. This is a kind of request for an ExtJS oficial Spanish forum mainly for latin america and spain if is possible... (maybe a German and French also) not asking for forums for all products i think right now it could be necessary just ExtJS...

2. How can i help in the translations?
The forum has an option to change from english to spanish or japanese but the spanish words right now apears incomplete maybe there is a problem with the accent, and that makes not everyting to be readable (you can't know what to choose in the options) and also not everything is translated. I'm clear this is not a big deal but something simple could help others. I attached two screeshots.

Now that i have more experience with extjs i'm trying to help the community in what i can, and just with a few threads that i saw, i noticed when somebody doesn't know how to write well in english and that makes the question not clear or understandable they just don't receive any response and that make sense!... but they are still stuck...

Personally i like to write and read in english because i want to learn much more this language but for beginners it could be very hard to understand how things works or something might not be interpreted well and in general get some help... is that ok?

In those threads mentioned at the beginning, some people agree that information should be consolidated in just one language or create separated groups or forums not oficials... but like i did before if someone here ask in english but like i said before a "question not clear or understandable" because of the language, and i know their main language is or could be spanish i will answer in spanish because i know he/she maybe wont receive a response or maybe it will be hard to understand the response.

I don't think is a good idea mix those language in one thread so thats why i think it should be better to have it in a separated forum IMHO or maybe is just fine too have english and spanish question here?...

I will like to know your opinions, i don't want to go in the wrong direcction with the intentions of the forum.



14 Mar 2011, 8:15 AM
Great idea... i also saw the same issue.

14 Mar 2011, 8:15 AM
Hey.. Greivin is a good idea-...

15 Mar 2011, 4:19 PM
Brittongr, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to help. I will look into this next week and keep you posted, thanks.