View Full Version : [PR3] Ext.form.CompositeField has disappeared?

14 Mar 2011, 9:21 AM

Although it still is in the API list, Ext.form.CompositeField doesn't have an API page anymore and trying to use it returns the following error: Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: widget.compositefield.

It was still present in PR2. Does this mean it will no longer be supported or merely that it has been temporarily removed? In the former case, will there be a replacement?

16 Mar 2011, 7:02 AM
Have you looked at PR4, released today? It has a pretty extensive list of changes in the release notes.

16 Mar 2011, 3:37 PM
Thanks for the heads up. As far as I can judge, the issue has been clarified in [PR4], by removing any mention of Ext.form.CompositeField from the API index. Pending its being supported again, I guess. Anyway, it is consistent at least.

21 Jun 2011, 2:05 AM

Any idea when compositefield will return to API ?
Outside forms, there is no problem, fieldcontainers can replace them.
But I use compositefields quiet often in my forms, and there fieldcontainers can't replace them.

For example my company selector is a compositefield of code and name comboboxes returning 1 value (id_company). The same with zip and location comboboxes returning 1 value (id_location).
Or a drilldown compositefield of company+project+task comboboxes returning 1 value (id_task).

As I would like to migrate to Ext4 as soon as possible, is there (in the mean time I hope) an alternative way to simulate compositefields in forms ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


11 Oct 2012, 2:08 AM

Is there any news on this issue ?

To clarify my problem: compositefields in 3.4 have a "name" config and have value setters and getters, like any other form field. Up to me to override setValue/getValue for updating the individual fields in this composite.

However, fieldcontainers in 4.1 don't have this config and methods...
Anyone out there who can give me a workaround for this problem ?