View Full Version : grid filter and state

17 Mar 2011, 1:12 PM
Hello all,

Im pretty new to JS Ext and im using 3.3.0. I have an editor grid where I have set up column filtering on most of the columns. I have also set up saved states where a user can choose from past states or default to using the state that was last saved. Without the saved states the filtering was working great. And taking filtering out of the conversation the state is saving/restoring perfectly for column order, column width, hidden columns, and group ordering. The only issue I have is when i try to apply a filter. For as long as i stay on that current page, the state remains as it was and the filter works perfectly. However, when i refresh the page, the filtering is still there but the grid goes back to having everything else default. I need to have the state be server side so im using the http state provider from Saki. However, i have also tried using cookies and i noticed the same exact behavior. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if its definitely a bug in my code. Thanks