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18 Mar 2011, 8:30 AM
This is my first post here and
Im pretty new to this iPhone iPad mobile stuff.
But I have a task:
I should build an magazine for mobile devices.
My first try was with jquerymobile cause I uses jquery serveral times but this seem to be more work in progress. So I found sencha touch.

So my idea is taking 3 hboxes. One carousel for a thumbnail navigation at the bottom. One for prev next and home button at the top. And the center should be a carousel for swiping the pages.

So I had a look at the kitchensink example wich seems to have most what I need inside.
But Im not shure whether my thought is right and Im not shure where to put my HTML5 Code.
Will the scaling work this way and what is the best to switch between portrait and landscape view.
As you may notice Im asking for your thought maybe an example.

Will the fingertip scaling of the center box work like this?
Can I change the canvas of the center box in landscape mode?
How will video be implemented?

Im thankfull for every hint example link...

Thanx in advance


18 Mar 2011, 1:04 PM
I started with looking at this example (http://www.bitsoflove.be/cactusfestival/web/).

Keep in mind that it was built with Sencha touch 0.9x which does a couple of things slightly different.

Rely in the API too.

I am making each panel a separate javascript file and have one root menu that loads them all and as the user browses through the site you can switch which one of those panels are active. You'll have to use that example to get an idea of how to handle the Back button. Be careful the card layout and the Back button, you'll see what I mean when you get there.

Minimize your Globals, use a namespace.

As you go along you'll see how some things do make sense but that might not come until week three, but eventually you will get it.

Good Luck