View Full Version : Using new GWT DockLayoutPanel and VerticalSplitPanel insode GXT layout panels

23 Mar 2011, 1:52 AM
GWT 2.2/GXT 2.2.3

I have a RootPanel with a GXT content panel inside using a BorderLayout with NORTH, WEST and CENTER regions. In the center I have a tab panel with many tabs and each tab using a different layout. I would like to use the new GWT layout panels (e.g. VerticalSplitPanel and DocLayoutPanel etc.) where possible but as far as I have seen they don't quite work properly.

My question is, can we use the new/improved GWT layout panels inside GXT panels? Are there known issues with using GWT layout panels or other simple widgets with GXT? Do we always have to use "everything GXT" if we want to use GXT at all?