View Full Version : How to set different heights of accordion panel on single and double clicks?

23 Mar 2011, 6:28 AM

I am using accordion panel.

My requirement is as given below:

Actions allowed on the accordion menu bar:-
Each accordion menu bar will allow single and double clicks:
- on Single click
On single click, it should open review pane whose HEIGHT is HALF(50%) of total window height.
- Double click
On double click, it should open review pane whose HEIGHT is FULL(100%) of total window height.

So, my question is:
1. Can we open accordion panel menu half in height? how?
2. Can we implement this functionality on single and double click events? how?

Any help will be very much appreciated.


23 Mar 2011, 10:23 PM

Also attaching example image below which explains how exactly I want to create accordion panel:



26 Mar 2011, 7:08 AM
Hi Friends,

Anybody got any clue about my question? :(

I am getting helpless. :-/

Please see attached image in my above post to understand requirement and let me know if you need more information. Thanks in advance.

- Akshay.

26 Mar 2011, 7:20 AM
The default AccordionLayout implememtation cannot handle it. You will need to create a custom one with this functionality.

Also you have to know that there will be two single click events before the doubleclickevent. This means that you need to defer your logic to you know if it was actually a single click, or a doubleclick.

26 Mar 2011, 9:42 AM
Hi sven,

Thanks for reply.

I wonder how the accordion layout can be customized? or we can use some other layout like VBoxLayout?

This may be a silly question but I am very new to GXT.

More explanation is really appreciated.