View Full Version : Help with sequence of events using Sencha Touch

23 Mar 2011, 7:04 PM
Hi, I am a bit lost in implementing a sequence of events and like some incite from this forum.

There are two cards (or two screens). (card1 and card2)

When I press a button in card1, it calls up card2.

When card2 loads, it has several UI controls automatically populated with data from a server database.

I know how to implement a button to call up card2.
I also know how to use JSONP to get JSON data to populate the controls.

Here's my confusion and problem.

What I don't know and need sample codes on doing the following.
1. how to automatically call the JSONP function to get JSON data to populate the UI controls when the card2 loads
2. how to access the JSON data by UI control. Meaning, which JSON data is for the textbox, which is for the pulldown menu. (I have two textboxes and 2 pull down menu w/ many options).

Please provide some incite and I appreciate your help.