View Full Version : List not showing all data? (sencha touch)

28 Mar 2011, 5:58 AM

We have an Ext.List on a Ext.Panel. The List is backed by a Ext.data.Store, whose data is initialized as empty.
After an external server update, we manually repopulate the store with an array of objects.

What happens is we only see a truncated set of all the items we should see. Through the browser's debugger we see that the store apparently contains all the data we want - it's just the list itself that for some reason is only showing 1 - x of N total items (verified through Chrome and on an actual device).

Is there something we should look at initially? We are updating the list via the store, like so: theStore.add(objectArray[j]);

The proxy is a 'localstorage', but we switched it to a 'sessionstorage' to see if it would make a difference, which it didn't.

Any ideas? Thanks very much!

28 Mar 2011, 7:24 AM
Our apologies; the issue was that the parent Panel didn't have 'fit' layout - the data was all there, just getting cut off