View Full Version : Books or Tutorial to Get Started with ExtJS

28 Mar 2011, 5:38 PM

I am looking for any good reference book or online material apart from what we have on sencha website. Any material that can be shared among coworkers or employees to get them started with development.

Any tips is useful.


30 Mar 2011, 6:02 PM
Jay's ExtJS In Action is a good read. He's also got some screencasts out which I've put on a screencast site extjs.tv... (being upgraded) and check out the Sencha Conference videos from the most recent conference.

I hear Jay's putting a new copy together for ExtJS In Action 4.0 so you might want to wait until the 4.0 books come out to see the changes to how things work in the new version.

There's not that much info about 4.x series yet, however there's plenty of examples out there for 3.x as you can see in the forums - grab firebug and check the code out...

Also check out Saki's site extjs.eu