View Full Version : Scoll doesnt work

7 Apr 2011, 2:23 AM
hi, i have a LayoutContainer (Layout:BorderLayout), there is a ContentPanel on its west side, the layout of the ContentPanel is VBoxLayout and i call the setScrollMode(Style.Scroll.ALWAYS) on the ContentPanel. so the scollbar will be always showed.

then i add some buttons on the ContentPanel in runtime. when the buttons are too many and out of the border, they will be just hided, the scollbar doesn't work, i call the layout() on ContentPanel everytime when i add a button onto it. But the scollbar just don't mention the content is out of the border.

anybody can help me? thanks!

btw, i found there is a inner div with the classname x-box-inner just outside my buttons (, which are tables), there is a css defination on the div in gxt-all.css, "overflow: none;". if i change it to overflow: visible; or auto; it works fine.