View Full Version : Carousel not working correctly on android 2.2

11 Apr 2011, 2:37 AM
Sencha Touch version tested:


Platform tested against:

Android 2.2 (HTC Desire)


When using carousel on android 2.2 the carousel snaps into position rathen than animate nicely,
it also freezes if you scroll through the cards many times.

Test Case:

Tried the kitchen sink example on a desire with android 2.2.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Open a page with the sencha Carousel on a android 2.2 device.

The result that was expected:

smooth transitions

The result that occurs instead:

laggy feel when using, and occasional freezes.

Debugging already done:

Tried using the android.css

8 Jun 2011, 6:46 AM
Maybe its a bug on froyo: matrix3d combined with TransitionDuration.
I use translate3d instead:

if (this.horizontal) {
Ext.Element.cssTranslate(el, {x:cardOffset,y:0});
//Ext.Element.cssTransform(el, {translate: [cardOffset, 0]});
else {
Ext.Element.cssTranslate(el, {x:0,y:cardOffset});
//Ext.Element.cssTransform(el, {translate: [0, cardOffset]});