View Full Version : Listen events from a non child Window

12 Apr 2011, 4:04 AM

This is the situation. I have a class that extends layoutContainer with some buttons which open a different "popUp" Window when clicked. Those Windows, when closed, should reload data in a grid added in the layoutcontainer. I´d like to listen to a custom event fired by the popUps when needed, but as Window is not attached to the layoutContainer (it´s just created and showed) and the method to reload data into grid is on the layoutContainer, adding a listener to that event on the LayoutContainer doesn´t work (because events have to be fired by itself or its children, right?).
The solution of adding a listener directly to the popUp to that specific event (coding that from LayoutContainer) is not possible because those popUps are not always created in the Layoutcontainer (sometimes they´re are created from another popUp).

The workaround I´ve found is to pass a reference to the LayoutContainer in the popUps constructor and change visibility of reloadData method to public, but I´d prefer a more sophisticated method to achieve that result.