View Full Version : Filter Plugin does not work after reconfig Column Model and Store !!

18 Apr 2011, 7:07 AM
Hi friends,

im am new to Ext. and in my first Grid i try to use this Grid Filter Plugin.

I have spend now days for finding out how to change/redefine/reconfig the config.

The reason why im trying to do this is that my ColumnModel is changing by selecting an Entry in a
ComboBox. That means ColumnModel and Store are dynamic. And after/before (tryed both)
doing a reconfig on the Grid, i try to (re)set the Filter new .. adapted to the new column model..

the are some line of my Code :

var newFilters = new Array();

//....for instance..
newFilters[0] = new Object();
newFilters[0]["type"] = 'string';
newFilters[0]["dataIndex"] = 'newCol1';

newFilters[1] = new Object();
newFilters[1]["type"] = 'string';
newFilters[1]["dataIndex"] = 'newCol2';

var changedFilters = new Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters({filters:newFilters});


grid.reconfigure( newStore, newColMod );

The Effect is that the new Columns are all equiped with the Filter Option but as soon as i try to
enter a Value to Filter ..

I get an error called .. "this.grid is Null or not an Object"

What is wrong with my Coding ? Can someone help ? I would really appreciate it ..

Many thanks in advance for your Help Guys !! You all here are GREAT and EXT is a damn Good lib !!