View Full Version : Tips for handling Application Preferences

18 Apr 2011, 5:21 PM

I'm slowly, but surely coding along writing an Ext3 application. I'm written many lovely hacks thus far and attempting to grok how to make it cleaner. One aspect I currently have a massive hack for is Application Preferences. I am able to easily sync these simple key/value pairs to the server and back without issue, but I am struggling within the Application to understand how to bind a key/value to a component, so that when the value changes, the component updates in some manner.

For example, I have a text entry field where a user can control the text color and background color. They may have 1 or more of these text entry fields open at any time. So my current hack is that once I change the value, I search around for these text fields within the UI and then update settings as I find them. I know, this isn't proper, thus my question!

My preferences is currently a simple ArrayStore. Any gentle guidance for me?