View Full Version : Problems with x-item disabled input/textarea on formPanel

18 Apr 2011, 11:32 PM

I have a question about a css config on a formPanel. My code looks like this:

var panelConfig = {
xtype: 'form',
width: '750',
height: '750',
items: [
{ xtype: 'textfield', name: 'appname', label: 'Appname', disabled: true},
{ xtype: 'textfield', name: 'aktVersion', label: 'Aktuelle Version', disabled: true,'},
{ xtype: 'textareafield', name: 'beschreibung', maxRows: 5, label: 'Beschreibung', disabled: true},
{ xtype: 'textareafield', name: 'vorteile', maxRows: 3, label: 'Vorteile', disabled: true},
// { xtype: 'urlfield', name: 'url', label: 'URL', disabled: true}

Next on I'm writing some data in my store an pulls it on the screen. No Problem with that, but there is a difference between the font-color from the textfield and the textarea. The font-color of the textfield looks like lightGray and the textarea black.

My CSS looks like this:

.x-item-disabled .x-form-label span, .x-item-disabled input, .x-item-disabled .x-spinner-body, .x-item-disabled select, .x-item-disabled textarea, .x-item-disabled .x-field-clear-container {
color: #000000;

So because of that, I would think that there should be no difference on the font-color, but it is...(not on the desktop pc, but on the iPad).


So the question is, how can I change the font-color of th input textfield to a "real" black color?