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17 Sep 2007, 5:53 AM
What are the preferred locations of the extnd.nsf database, the extnd directory and the ext main directory? I initially installed extnd into a subdirectory in the the Domino data directory of our server:


it created the extnd directory there and the ext directory below that with extnd_a2r1.nsf in extnd.


I created my sample application in the extnd directory and all was well. After awhile I wanted to expand it's usage so I moved everything to the root of the data directory and reset my profile doc in my sample app. The sample app works but I can't get extnd to work any other applications now. I get error line 10, error:prototype is null or not an object and the line 24 error:object expected.

I also created a portal app using ext 1.1 only with those files in the Domino HTML directory and it works great.


I tried putting the extnd directory in the domino\html directory so I could access it directly from the browser but then I couldn't access it from the database in the data directory.


19 Sep 2007, 7:47 AM
I think perhaps there is some confusion here. You should not need to place any of the ext/ext.nd javascript files into the html directory. They are entirely contained within the extnd.nsf database and is the reason you copy the profile doc and define it's location.

In our setup at work we have a development server where I keep the latest Ext.nd database copy, then on our production servers I have a copy of the database in "extnd\extnd.nsf" I refresh the production extnd databases whenever there is a new change I need for the production systems. All of the applications on those servers have the profile docs and point to "/extnd/extnd.nsf/". There's no need to fuss with anything directly in the filesystem.