View Full Version : How to escape html code in Grid and RowExpander???

20 Apr 2011, 7:40 AM
Hi, i'm using a Grig<Bean> with a RowExpander;

The beans shown has a property that contains html code like <a>My link</a>
I want to display the html code like in a blockquote (escaping active links and images)! I tought to use a GridCellRenderer to escape the value in the grid's row , and a Xtemplate to escape code in the RowExpander!
i try to do for the expander:

XTemplate tpl = XTemplate.create("
<p><b>Name:</b> {name}</p><br><p><b>Value:</b> <code>{value}</code> </p>

RowExpander expander = new RowExpander();

but the escape doesn't works..! Where shown active links and not found images contained in the code...

I think that is not so hard to solve...
Have you any ideas???