View Full Version : Need help replacing existing tabs with bottom bar

23 Apr 2011, 11:30 AM
I've created a small "viewer" application that allows students to watch on demand videos with accompanying power point slides (actually, just .jpg exports of the slides, in typical image gallery style). I've gone ahead and made it compatible with iPads and Android tablets, but I'd really like to use some Sencha Touch elements for the mobile version.

Here's a wireframe of what it looks like:


I'd like to do three things:

Remove the tabs on the bottom right of the container to a bottom tab bar with Sencha Touch. This appears easily done, however those tabs don't control the entire page - they only effect what is shown in the 640x480 right container.

Replace the previous/next buttons with the Sencha versions - this part looks pretty easy.

And finally, I am using the iScroll JS library to register touch/swipe events on the market areas of the page. I find it to be very buggy when used with Android devices - I'd like to switch the swipe support to Sencha Touch.

Anyone have any pointers? I'll gladly pay someone (Paypal) for a couple hours of their time to help me figure this out - all the html, js, css, etc for the design is already done and working, I just need to see if there is an easy way to implement Sencha Touch in the areas above.