View Full Version : BUG: Disabled Textarea Still Popup Soft Keyboard In Android

24 Apr 2011, 9:04 PM
Sencha Touch version tested: 1.1

Platform tested against: Android 2.1


First of all, I want to say Sencha Touch is a very good Framework for web mobile development. Comparing with the Jquery Mobile, I like it more. But the following problem makes me sad, impossible to use it.
Implement the following code in Android 2.1 or other versions, it describes that a disabled or hidden textarea still can be clicked and popup soft keyboard.
Another question is that the "placeHolder" of textareafield is no use in Android.

Test Case:

onReady : function() {
new Ext.Panel({
fullscreen : true,
items : [{
xtype : 'textareafield',
label: 'Note',
placeHolder :
"1. Write some words here. "
+ "2. Click the button below to disable the textarea. "
+ "3. Click the textarea again. "
+ "4. The soft keyboard popup(oh no, please don't popup)",
maxLength : 60,
maxRows : 10
}, {
xtype: 'button',
text : 'Click To Disable The Textarea',
scope : this,
handler : function() {
var textarea = document
if (textarea.disabled) {
textarea.disabled = false;
// textarea.style.display = 'block'
} else {
textarea.disabled = true;
// textarea.style.display = 'none'

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1 write some words in the textareafield(or textfield).
2 click the button below to disable the textareafield.
3 tap the textareafield again.
4 it popups keyboard(oh,no.Please don't popup).

I hope any developer can notice the bug and resolve it . Thanks for your time.
Everything goes well with your work. Forgive my english.

3 May 2011, 2:51 AM
I also met this problem, had anybody solved the problem?

14 May 2011, 5:29 PM

28 Sep 2011, 2:16 AM
If it's a bug, it's probably in the Sprint Hero specifically. Sprint has a buggy version of Android on the Heros they sell and they don't seem to be in any hurry of pushing out bugfixes for it. There are tons of differences in behavior between the Sprint Heros and all other Android devices. As far as I know the other versions of the Hero, such as those in Europe don't have these issues.