View Full Version : Toolbar Problems in Firefox and Opera

21 Dec 2006, 5:56 PM
Hi all,

I'm having really odd problem with Toolbar buttons. In Firefox and Opera all toolbarbuttons that I add to the toolbar clutter at the left side of my toolbar. IE works fine without any problems. I tried to modify css file but without much success. This is the code:

var nReport=[];
nReport[0] = new YAHOO.ext.ToolbarButton({text: 'ToolbarButton'});
nReport[1] = new YAHOO.ext.ToolbarButton({text: 'ToolbarButton1'});
nReport[2] = new YAHOO.ext.ToolbarButton({text: 'ToolbarButton2'});

var tb = new YAHOO.ext.Toolbar('toolbar',nReport);

Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is the link where you can see what's happening.


23 Dec 2006, 5:15 AM
Take a look in toolbar.css. There are some notes, and predefined classes you can use on your buttons.