View Full Version : Dynamic Carousel rendering problem

29 Apr 2011, 7:15 AM
Hello everyone,
I'm working on my first Sencha Touch app. I've started from the Toolbar demo for convenience, the application can be tested here:
The list is dynamically loaded using JSON. Clicking on any item of the list shows a panel that has 2 children: a Carousel Panel, displaying images and a standard Panel with normal HTML.
If you test the application, you will see that the first item shows just fine. If you then go back and tap on any other item, the carousel navigation is completely messed up.
What am I doing wrong? I've tried also to destroy each time the carousel, and recreate it each time in the function updateWithRecord (file portfolio.js), but then the the panel is not rendered unless the window is resized (the carousel Object is created, but not rendered unless forced).

Thank you in advance,