View Full Version : Using distinctly filtered DataViews from a single store

2 May 2011, 7:05 AM
I'm trying to find a solution to working with multiple DataViews(/Lists) attached to a single store.

Say I have:

A Model called Fruit (which just has 'name' and 'color' fields)
A store holding 100 fruit records
A DataView on the page that lists ALL fruits
A DataView on the page that lists just the 'green' fruits

How can I setup the DataViews to both use the same store, and still have one of the DataViews displaying a sub-set of the total records in the store.

Note: Using two separate stores (one for each DataView) is not a good solution, as if a record is updated in one of the stores, it will not be automatically updated in the other store.

Note: I asked this a little while ago via a question on stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5449370/showing-a-limited-subset-of-or-individual-record-from-a-store-in-an-ext-datavie) but nobody had a solution.