View Full Version : Could you suggest a nice book for the foundations of a web application?

10 May 2011, 8:44 AM
I come from the win32 client/server world, I would like to write applicatinos that us ExtJS in the frontend, but I feel I miss the basics of what a web application is.

I would like to be redirected to a good book that covers the basics of a web application, a book that every advanced extjs developer must know. If possible a easy to read one, not a "user manual", but something that gives the concepts.

I am not looking for a technolgy sepcific one (like ASP.NET or EXTJS), of course examples are ok, but the concepts go behind technology (if techonologies are mentioned is ok, but I don't want to learn the syntax of some language from this book). Of course I would like that concepts like "javascript framework" are covered.

I hope this "one stop" resource exists :), if the content is professional I prefer a fun book (not a kind of the GoF patterns book for example).

(a link to amazon or similar website is highly appreciated)


10 May 2011, 9:24 AM
I am not so sure that there are clear lines, anymore, between an application and a web application. Coming from a client/server environment, you would know that the one key may be connectivity, and that may not be as much of an issue even, as it was in the past.

The core of any application is that it is easy to use and understand, that it fulfills a need well, and that performance does not get in the way of productivity. The ability to think ahead, planning your application not only for today but tomorrow as well, is very important. The modular nature of Ext JS allows us to create rich, reusable components, and a good underlying architecture on our part should allow for quick upgrades, or replacements, in core function. Taking a progressive enhancement approach in process, and gradually building each piece and feature, can go a long way towards staying on the right path with minimal scope creep and refactoring. Solid test planning and procedures can be crucial.

There are probably dozens of great books that can help you along the way, though I can't name any off the top of my head. No matter which technologies are used, make sure that you research your options thoroughly, and that each decision is taylored to best meet your application's need. Take an MVC approach in your development, and use the right tool for the job in each scenario. Don't just "jump in", but plan each stage thoroughly (though not overly so) with clear definition, requirements, and test plans.

Although there are many fantastic developers who can "do it all", having people who specialize in their chosen disciplines can save you time and heartache Similar to Model/View/Controller separation of concerns, have a server-side specialist build your server-side model, a UI/UX specialist model and write your front-end, a SQL Developer or DBA work on your data model, a Systems Administrator build and maintain your web and application servers, etc. This seems like more hands in the pot, but has a freedom in applying past knowledge and skill of a core discipline to give the best resource for that area, reducing the overall time applied to that aspect (knowledge and experience) which lowers overall costs and time to market.

11 May 2011, 1:55 AM
You reply seems the last chapter of a book. But I didn't ask for a book quote... Joking!

Yes I understand what you mean, but anyway having a good reference to start with it sould be good. I am not concerned in how to "imagine" the application, I would like something that covers all the points you mentioned with some more detail.