View Full Version : toggefield cannot be updated if fieldset+form are hidden

22 May 2011, 4:32 PM
Sencha Touch version tested:


Platform tested against:

Chrome 11 on Windows


When a form containing a togglefield is hidden and it is updated with a this.load(modelInstance), then the togglefield won't get updated and will generate an error because a 'thumb' is not sent to Ext.form.Slider.Ext.extend.getPixelValue.

Test Case:

None yet

Steps to reproduce the problem:
A simpler test case could be used, but this is the setup I had when I ran into the problem.

Build an Ext.Panel instance with 2 FormPanel instances in a card layout
Use a togglebutton to switch between cards
On the second card, add a togglefield inside a fieldset
Create a model instance that can update that field
Use this.load() from within the 2nd form instance

The result that was expected:

The togglefield should be updated according to what is in the model instance

The result that occurs instead:

Crash + no update

I've looked at the Slider code and there seems to be quite a few todo items, so maybe this part is unfinished.