View Full Version : Single or multiple page layout?

23 Dec 2006, 3:22 AM
Single or multiple page layout. Thats the question im asking myself. Im building a newsletter creation/edit tool. The behaviour i have in mind is the following.

1) When opening up the app the user has to be able to open previously created newsletters or create a new newsletter from a list of templates. To aid in his choice, he should see a preview of the newsletter/template and not just a list of names.

2) After opening a newsletter he should see the structure of his newsletter (probably in the form of a tree) and be able to add elements to the tree. Moreover he should be able to edit the elements (html editor). Also there must be some preview pane of the total newsletter.

3) He shoulb be able to send newsletters that he created by choosing a particular newsletter and selecting users from an addressbook.

Ok thats about it. My question is now, can i fit all this in a single page layout or should i implement the 3 points in 3 pages? Does anyone have an idea on what a good layout would be?