View Full Version : Sencha Touch API Documentation 1.1 is a Mess

25 May 2011, 7:32 AM
I am an ExtJS developer delving into Sencha Touch and I'm having some trouble since the API 1.1 documentation is a complete mess.
A couple of examples:

1. If you try to search in the "API home" tab, you get mixed results from ExtJS and SenchaTouch. For example type the word "valid" and you will get results from Ext.form.Combobox which doesn't even exist in sencha touch (click on it and an empty tab will try to load). You will also get hits for components that do exist in ST but not contain any property/method with "valid" in them.

2. In the "Ext" singleton object documentation there is a defer method that incorrectly states that "Shorthand for Ext.util.Functions.createDelegate" which is wrong it is a shorthand for "Ext.util.Functions.defer". I was actually looking to find a Ext.defer, which is not in the documentation but wich is in the code. The code also appears to be well documented for version 1.1 (in this case) but the online documentation does not seem to match this version.

One of the great things about ExtJs is its documentation. Lets hope this gets corrected soon enough.