View Full Version : SenchaCon 2011 Location

8 Jun 2011, 5:20 AM
Hi all,

I was wondering if we could see the results of the poll from post-SenchaCon 2010 regarding the location for this year's conference. I actually don't remember seeing Austin on that list at all?

Just wondering what the community was hoping for. I know that the cities on that original list were slightly more intriguing to me personally...


8 Jun 2011, 6:30 AM
Not sure what the results of the poll were, but I'm slightly offended that you don't find Austin intriguing. It's a great town! ;)

10 Jun 2011, 4:36 AM
Brian, you'll be the tourist guide then? :)

16 Jun 2011, 6:56 AM
I love the city, but ouch, that price pretty much knocks out any hobbyists and locals hoping to attend. Yikes.