View Full Version : sencha tool 1.1 pb.

8 Jun 2011, 7:06 AM

I'm runing windows xp

i've installed sencha tool on C:\Program Files\bin\SenchaSDKTools-1.1
my developement dir is D:\xampp\htdocs\sampleApp

I'm trying to create MVC app using sencha generator command line

I've tryed this

cd D:\xampp\htdocs\sampleApp
sencha generate app -v sampleApp .
cd D:\xampp\htdocs\
sencha generate app -v sampleApp ./sampleApp
cd C:\Program Files\bin\SenchaSDKTools-1.1\jsbuilder
sencha generate app sampleApp D:\xampp\htdocs\sampleApp

I've add -v or -verbose or --verbose
but nothing happens
no message, no verbose, no file, no dir, nothing

I saw on the forum sencha touch
a readme in kiva / lib
but no doc
and kiva / lib is not present in extjs-4

how to use "sencha tool Generator " to create an MVC application Ext-4?

PS sorry for my approximative english