View Full Version : Gray theme: TreePanel with minHeight does not render at a correct height

13 Jun 2011, 2:00 PM
Originally from http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?136712-DUPLICATE-Gray-theme-error&p=613419#post613419 however, that was marked as a duplicate, so it may have got lost.

I can provide code if you like, but basically my TreePanel has a property "minHeight: 500" and this worked fine in v4.0.1 with the blue theme. Switching to v4.0.2 and to the gray theme, the tree renders basically at height 10px or so (i.e. you cannot see the tree because it has no height). Adding in a hardcoded height "height: 500" makes it work for now, but obviously there is some problem in that it works in blue but not gray.

15 Jun 2011, 10:06 PM
I thought I'd provide code seeing that there are no replies. The height: 500 is needed for the tree to show. It shouldn't be necessary.

var treePanel = Ext.create('My.tree.TagInstanceTreePanel', {
title: 'My Tree',
iconCls: '',
region: 'north',
minHeight: 500,
minSize: 150,
//height: 500,
store: Ext.create('My.data.MyTreeStore', {
proxy: Ext.create('My.data.proxy.Rest', {
url: '...'
autoLoad: true

The problem with this also is that this will not scroll with a fixed height, so a large tree is not showing.

Just confirmed that this is a problem introduced in v4.0.2 - v4.0.1 works, so my original statement about this related to the gray theme was wrong.

I also feel this may be related to scrolling - because the tree does not appear to scroll no matter what options I have.