View Full Version : Grid GroupingSummary Feature bug

15 Jun 2011, 9:19 AM
Hi, in the recently released 4.0.2 there is a bug in the GroupingSummary feature when you have remote grouping activated AND pagination.
The problem (maybe is due to my implementation) is that when I return the groups from the server I return all of the groups, including the ones that are not on the grid right in that moment because they are in the next pages.
In 4.0.1 the groupingfeature just ignored those groups, in 4.0.2 it throws an error.
There's an easy fix, it's in grid/feature/GroupingSummary.js line 231.
it says:

if (remote !== undefined) {
data[key][comp.id] = remote;

It should say:

if (remote !== undefined && data[key]) {
data[key][comp.id] = remote;

In that case data[key] is undefined, so it throws an error. It would be a great if you could pass an option to indicate if you wanted these groups (the ones that have currently no records in display) to be visible in the grid or not.