View Full Version : LoadMask does not work with Tree Panels

15 Jun 2011, 10:51 AM
If a loadMask is defined in the viewConfig for a tree panel, it is never displayed.

To test, I modified the two-trees.js example with changes in red:

var tree = Ext.create('Ext.tree.Panel', {
id: 'tree',
store: store,
width: 250,
height: 300,
viewConfig: {
loadMask: 'loading my tree...',
plugins: {
ptype: 'treeviewdragdrop',
appendOnly: true
tools: [{
handler: function(){ store.load(); }
title: 'Tree 1',
renderTo: document.body

** This is hard to test with the examples unless you can throttle your connection or increase the payload.