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17 Jun 2011, 9:51 AM
I am getting very anxious for some documentation on the image generator, as I have an upcoming deadline where I need a themed application working on IE7+. I have changed my SCSS and everything to work fine with Webkit and Geko based browsers, but IE8 is still rendering the images which are the stock theme. It's not much i need changed, just panel frame colors and the background on panel frame buttons (i'm extending the portal demo).

After hours of searching, the best i found was a reference in this video (http://vimeo.com/19159630) where it was said that the Sencha solution to this was "secret" and further documentation was to come. I downloaded the SDK and noticed an image generator part of it, but even following the instructions i cannot seem to get it to work.

I have made some modifications to the directory structure that shipped with ExtJS 4 to reflect our application structure. So now inside of our public folder we have a css, javascript, and images folder and I have an Ext folder under each of those with the appropriate part of the release. I have changed all my config.rb to reflect this (something else that could use some more documentation), so my scss is compiling correctly.

The command line arguments that the image generator asks for do not make much sense. the -d option asks for the directoy of your Ext JS 4 SDK dir, is this referencing the downloaded Ext 4 JS folder (which I have moved css/images/js around to other places), or the actual dir of the SDK tools (for me it is /Applications/SenchaSDKTools-1.1)? If it is in reference to my downloaded version of Ext JS 4, do I need to point this at the CSS part, or the images part? The -c option asks for the css file, but is that the compiled .scss it is looking for, or the actual .scss? I've tried all of the options I could think of to make this work, but all I get on the command line (even use -v) is this:

Sencha Theme Generator
Copyright (c) 2011 Sencha Inc.

I've even let it run for about an hour and a half to give it the benefit of the doubt that something was happening. No luck.

Please release some documentation soon on this. I really needed to be released with the general release of ExtJS 4 with as much as the "ease" of theming was pushed before the release. I put a lot on the line to use Ext 4 and I hope that I didn't make the wrong decision.

17 Jun 2011, 10:56 AM
The -d option is the path to the Ext JS 4 SDK directory.

The -c option is the path to the compiled CSS.

17 Jun 2011, 11:59 AM
Thanks for your reply. Guess I'm a little confused to by what the image generator does. It reads the images based on my CSS file, but the where do they get output to? Could you post maybe a small example of directory structure and commands that make this work??

19 Jun 2011, 1:36 AM
There is an output option for this.. and there is some small documentation in the Api for building themes where you may get some more information. But besides there are still some issues with that feature... I currently don't get anything done with that tool... /:)

A fallback would be to recolour a copy of your images with same name with PhotoShop and some actions or another program with macro feature maybe Gimp or imagemagic...

That would be the old way ;)