View Full Version : In a grouped list, the first header disappears if scroll down quickly

20 Jun 2011, 1:11 AM
Sencha Touch version tested:

The kitchensink demo at http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/examples/kitchensink/ > User Interface > List

Platform tested against:

iOS 4, iPod Touch 2nd generation
IOS 4, iPhone 3GS


on the grouped list, if you play a little bit, scrolling up&down quite quickly, staying on letter "A", you will get the header disappear from the list
if you are under an other header, like letter "K", this will not happen. There will be always either the header "J" or "K".
it seems this tricky behaviour is only for the first header
it never happens on a browser, where fluidity is a lot better than on an ipod touch

Steps to reproduce:

unpin the first header by moving slowly the list down
keep the header visible in the middle of the screen
move fast the list up
doing so, the header will disappear. It will show again if you move the list down (obviously) or if you move it up to the next header

Note: if you move slowly up, the first header will pin to the top without problem.