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21 Jun 2011, 7:45 AM
Please give me advice.
(I look trough many samples and ux but didn't find what I need)

I need to do this:
We have Window with dataview.
We click on button and file chooser appears.
In file chooser it is possible to choose several images.
After we choose in dataview several empty images appear (how much we chose).
Under every empty image there is mini cute progress bar(looks like ExtJS progress bar, but in 3 times less)
On the server it is unusual behavior.
After file downloaded, on server from that image two other images appear.
The first one is mini image that for dataview the second one is just less in size of original.
Server delete original image.
After all this actions to client goes this {success:true,dataview_image:'url'}
Client gets responce and empty image became src=dataview_image.

Saki's ux unfortunately doesn't work in ExtJS 3.x

23 Jun 2011, 3:13 AM
Which bit do you need advice with exactly?