View Full Version : MessageBox breaks on the PlayBook if it includes a field (and other issues)

24 Jun 2011, 7:13 AM
Sencha Touch version tested:


Platform tested against:

PlayBook 1.0.6


Alert boxes work fine, but if you use prompt() with a normal function, the app will break because the window will zoom in so that the box fills the window.
Icons are missing from all MessageBoxes
Setting the width has no effect
The documentation is wrong about the callback function's signature

Test Case:

Use the 'prompt' or 'show' example from the API doc.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Create a button that will launch the MessageBox
Build a prompt box using the documentation

The result that was expected:

A prompt box in the middle of the screen with an icon
A box with the dimensions that were entered in the config object
A log message with the value entered

The result that occurs instead:

The screen zooms in and totally breaks the app
There is no icon
The size is wrong
The log message contains the label of the button that was clicked on instead of what was entered

Test Case 2:
Go to: http://www.simoens.org/Sencha-Projects/demos/

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Choose the GridEditor
Double tap on an item in the left column


Remove 'autofocus : true' from the show() function
Do not add the autofocus property to a config object of a prompt box

24 Jun 2011, 8:56 AM
I've just added a workaround since the problem lies with the autofocus property. I'm not sure if it's a Sencha Touch problem or a bug with the PlayBook which doesn't recognize the viewport argument "maximum-scale".